No. 2019/E(LR)III/SBE/l                     New Delhi, Dated 04.07.2019

General Managers
All Zonal Railways and Metro Kolkata

Sub.: Inviting suggestions to finalize “Draft Modalities for holding Secret Ballot Elections-2019” for recognition of Trade Unions on Zonal Railways . …..
It may be recalled that pursuant to Hon’ble Supreme Court’s orders dated 08.03.2004 in “Railway Board vs. Southern Railway Mazdoor Union & Ors” (SLP (C) No. 3780/2004 and SLP(C) No. 23578/2003), Zonal Railways have been holding ‘Secret Ballot Elections’ for the purpose of granting ‘Recognition’ to registered Trade Unions. Such elections have been held in the years 2007 and 2013.

2. It may also be recalled that Railway Board, vide letters No. 2017/E(LR)IIIILRIMisc/1 dated 31.05.2019 and 20 19/E(LR)III/SBE/l dated 26.06.2019, have already directed Zonal Railways to be in readiness to hold election in the month of August, 2019. It is further informed that elections are proposed to be held on zs” and 29th August, 2019.

3. In this connection, Railway Board, vide order no. ERB-I/2019/23/24 dated 10.06.2019, has constituted a “Secret Election Ballot Committee”(SBEC) to supervise and conduct elections etc.

4. The SBEC has reviewed the “Modalities” followed in the last election held in April, 2013 and has framed the “Draft Modalities” for elections proposed to be held on 28th and 29th August, 2019. “Draft Modalities” have been uploaded on the official website of Railway Board. (Railway Board’s website->Directorates-> Secret Ballot Election Committee)

5. It is requested that the said “Draft Modalities” should be uploaded on the websites of Zonal railways/DivisionslUnits and given wide publicity.

6. Comments/suggestions are invited from registered Trade Unions (TUs) desirous of participating in the ensuing election. Interested TUs may give their suggestion in the following format only, on their official letter pad ;-

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