A meeting was called by the Chairman Railway Board, along with Full Board, wherein Member Staff as well as CRB both explained about the excellent progress made by the Indian Railways and appreciated one and all members of the Railway family……

No.AIRF/415                                                                                                            Dated: July 2, 201

The General Secretaries,
All Affiliated Unions,
Dear Comrades,

Sub: Outcome of today’s meeting with the Full Board

A meeting was called by the Chairman Railway Board, along with Full Board, wherein Member Staff as well as CRB both explained about the excellent progress made by the Indian Railways and appreciated one and all members of the Railway family.

The Member Staff, while referring secret ballot elections, said that, according to Notice issued by the Railway Board, for secret ballot elections for recognitions of the unions, on 30.05.2019, secret ballot elections will be held in the last week of August 2019, probably on 27-28 August, 2019 for two days. Electoral Roll will be finalized by 18th July, 2019 as alsoDraft Modalities will be decided by 18th July, 2019.

He also emphasized that, during the course of secret ballot elections, railway premises should not be defaced by pasting posters and other election materials.

The CRB, while explaining 100 days Action Plan of the Ministry of Railways, said that, this could be the Golden Periodfor the Indian Railways, because Government of India is ready to support our infrastructure. He also said that, Indian Railways should take a quantum jump.

He said that, in the Railways, tickets are being sold on its 50% cost, therefore, there is urgent need to create an atmosphere for launching a campaign, so that, those who can afford, they can give-up the subsidy.

He also mentioned that, all the Unmanned Level Crossings will be eliminated, and this year 2560 Unmanned Level Crossings will be eliminated.

He also said that, the speed of the trains will be improved at 160 kmph on Delhi-Kolkata and Delhi-Mumbai routes by fencing and improving signaling system etc., for which Rs.14,000 crore will be required.

He informed that, we have chosen 60 stations for developing as “World Class Station”.

He further said that, Antenna will be installed on each locomotive, which will transmit real time information to the control.

He also mentioned that, Human Resource Management System will be digitized, where all the personnel   brief data of each employee will be available on one click.

He also told about the Unique Medical identity Card.

He also mentioned about the decision of giving two trains to the IRCTC, but assured that, no existing trains will be handed over to any Corporation or Private Party. These two trains will run, as are being operated, as luxury trains, like Palace on Wheel, Maharaja and Deccan Odyssey.

He said that, he has never mentioned that our Production Units will be corporatized.

He said that, the proposal has been made for the study, whereas, what the unions have mentioned and data has been given, that should also be sent to us within 15 days, and assured that, all such reports will be shared with the Federations and we will not move forward till consensus is arrived in consultation with the Federations/Unions.

I immediately told to CRB and Full Board that, AIRF will never tolerate any corporatization/privatization of any part of the Indian Railways, including the Production Units.

During the meeting I also raised the issues of LARSGESS, Incentive Bonus to Production Units and Workshop Staff, National Pension System(NPS), filling-up of vacancies, duty hours, working and living conditions of the staff, etc. etc.

We gave in detail; the way MCF, ICF, DLW, RWF, CLW, RCF etc. have progressed and productivity has been increased. We also mentioned that, MCF is the best Production Unit, that is why it is targeted.

While concluding, the CRB informed that, a new committee is being constituted for “Safety Related Retirement Scheme”, rates of Incentive Bonus to Workshop and Production Units Staff will be revised shortly and the issue ofclosure of Railway printing Presses will be reviewed.

I also told the Board to demand for :-

(i)         Refund of the Subsidy on Passenger Fare should be made from the General Exchequer, aboutRs.40,000 crore.

(ii)         Pension of the RailwaymenRs.42,000 crore, should be paid through the General Budget.

(iii)        All the non-remunerative lines should be reimbursed by the General Budget or States.

(iv)        More than one lakh projects sanctioned, catering lots of money, not workable, so needs to be closed.

If the above is done, operating ratio will come down automatically.

Bro. N. Kanniah, Working President AIRF, gave detailed data on, how the PSUs went into red, which was appreciated by the Board and they asked a copy of the same.

This is for your information.