AIRF/ 415/2020                                           17th July 2020
The Director General (HR)
Railway Board
New Delhi
Dear Sir,
Sub- Appointment under LARSGESS
Ref- Railway Board letter No. E(P&A)I-2015/RT-43 dated 12/7/2020
As you are aware that this issue had been discussed by undersigned during the course of meeting with you and CRB on 9th July 2020 I am very much thankful to CRB that he had talked with GM/NWR for the meeting with himself to resolve the issues of LARSGESS pending under Jaipur division. Unfortunately the NWR Jaipur division has conducted their Medical test without their screening where in other divisions of NWR and those who are passed medical examination already been given appointment under LARSGESS Scheme. The objection raised by Jaipur division seems to be misnomer because in case of LARSGESS, they should fulfill the eligibility criteria and they have cleared the medical test. Similar to other divisions where they have cleared the medical and have been given the job. On the pretext that screening has been done. I am unable to understand that without screening, how a person can be sent for medical examination. I hope You will kindly issue a suitably advice to the NWR Administration to take appropriate step to absorb the medical completed LARSGESS candidates in jaipur division at an earliest.

Thanking you,

Copy to EDE(N), Railway Board for information & necessary action pl. -ED/IR, Railway Board for information & necessary action