No.AIRF/561 Dated: May 2, 2021

The Chairman-Cum-CEO,
Railway Board,
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: Reimbursement of expenses incurred in Emergency treatment of COVID-19 Patients
Ref.: Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, National Information Centre(Government
of India)’s O.M. No.CGHS/CSMA-01/2021/Admn. dated 26.04.2021

Your kind attention is invited towards above referred to Office Memorandum of the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, National Information Centre(Government of India(copy enclosed for ready reference). Keeping in view the surge of the COVID-19 spread among the Government Employees of the said department, detailed clarificatory orders have been issued in regard to treatment of the COVID-19 Patients in Emergency.

It may be noted that, more than 94,300 Railwaymen have been found COVID-19 Positive up to last month and more than 1500 Railwaymen have also lost their lives due to deadly infection.

It is also being observed that, acute problem of hospitalisation in Railway/Government Hospitals, and even in Empanelled Hospitals is being faced by the Railway Employees and their family members who have been tested COVID-19 Positive and are in dire need of hospitalisation due to deteriorating health condition. No beds are available in the hospitals, and even shortage of life Saving Oxygen, Drugs, Medical Equipment, is as well a serious problem which COVID-19 Railway Patients are confronted to.

It would, therefore, be quite appropriate that, similar instructions, as already issued by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology National Information Centre, vide their Office Memorandum supra, should be issued for treatment of Railway beneficiaries, so as to provide some relief to them in this hour of crisis.

An immediate action in the matter is requested.