AIRF/24 7th May 2021
The Hon’ble Minister of Railways
Rail Bhavan
New Delhi
Dear Sir,

Sub- Treating Railwaymen as corona warriors.
We all are aware that the country is passing through a difficult situation once again due to second wave of covid-19 pandemic,. and more than One Lakh Railwaymen have been infected by due to corona virus, of course more than sixty five thousand have recovered and joined their duties. However, more than One Thousand Five Hundred had not been so lucky, and they have laid their lives while performing their duties due to corona virus.
We all appreciate about your letter to Railwaymen where you appreciated Railwaymen for their dedicated services during this period. We also appreciate Hon’ble Prime Minister when in the “ Man Ki Baat” he called Railwaymen as corona warriors.
Sir, AIRF, since beginning is demanding parity between different cadre who are working 24×7 during this corona period and scarifying their lives. However, It is quite unfortunate that while other categories of front line workers viz Medical staff, Security forces, Sanitation staff etc. are being paid Rs.50 lakh as compensation but Railwaymen are being paid Rs.25 Lakh only. This is absolute discrepancy and we request that it should be removed immediately by equalizing the compensation of Rs.50 Lakh to boost the moral of Railwaymen as well as their families.
Recently, Hon’ble Prime Minister had again appreciated corona warriors and suggested to pay them some allowances. We hope the benefits announced for other corona warriors will also be given to Railwaymen. .AIRF, has already raised this issue in details to CEO/Chairman. (copy enclosed)
We hope for early action in the matter.