No.AlRF/24(C) Dated: September 27 ,2023
The General Secretaries,
All Affiliated Unions,
Dear Comrades,

Sub: Brief of the meeting held todav with the CEO & Chairman. Railway Board, on the long pending important issues related to Railwaymen
Met with the CEO and Chairman, Railway Board, today and discussed the undernoted significant issues of the Railwaymen,

  1. Promotion of the staff working in Level.l(GP 1800) to Level’2(GP 1900).
  2. Upgradation of leftover Supervisory Staff in Level-8(GP 4800) and 9(GP5400).
  3. Absorption of Course Completed Railway Act Apprentices/Engagement of CCMs against CEN No.RRG N0.01/2019.
    4, Closure of Railway Printing Presses – Review of decision ‘ Reg.
  4. Arbitrary surrender of posts – Ref.: Railway Board’s letter No.E(MPP) 20221113rd1 dated 21.07.2023.
  5. Recruitment of the Sportspersons in lndian Railways in Pay Level’I.
  6. Advancement prospects for Pointsmen Category.
    The Chairman & CEO assured to consider these issues in right perspective and speedy action thereon,
    This is for your information.
    Comradely yours,

    (Shiva Gopal Mishra)
    General Secretary