No. 2020/H/28/1/CTSEScheme New Delhi, Dated l6.10.2023 .
General Manager(s),
All Indian Railways,
All Production Units.
Sub:- Closure of Cashless Treatment Scheme in· Emergency (CTSE) in Indian Railways- regarding.
Ref:- (i) This office’s letter No. 2014/H/28/l/Smart Card/ Part A.dated 14.07.2016.
(ii) This office letter No. 2014/H/28/l/Smart Card/ Part A dated ()2.11.2018.
(iii) Letter No. 2018/TransCelliHealth/CGHS (eOff. No. 3270783) dated 16.06.2021.
A pilot project for providing cashless treatment in emergency in private railway empanelled hospitals was initiated ;.as Cashless Treatment Scheme in Emergency (CTSE) and launched in metro cities vide letter cited under reference (i). The ambit of scheme was further expanded over all Indian Railways vide letter cited under reference (ii). However, instructions were issued vide letter cited under reference (iii) that railway medical beneficiaries (whether serving/ retired) can get admission in railway empanelled hospital under emergency condition without ·referral on the basis of production of UMID card/CTSB card as an identity of railway
With implementation of letter cited under reference (iii), CTSE has been reviewed in Railway Board. After careful deliberation and with approval· of Competent Authority in Railway Board, it has been decided that CTSE stands withdrawn with immediate effect. It has also been decided that option for availing .CTSE card facility in settlement document at the time of retirement/ death in harness be removed immediately. Further, it has also been decided that no refund will be issued to CTSE card holder for the amount that was deposited for subscription of CTSE.
This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Finance

Principal Executive Director, Health
Railway Board