No. E(NG)I-2018/RE-3/3 New Delhi, dated 13.10.2023

The General Managers (P).

All Zonal Railways & Production Units, etc.

Sub: Fixation of pay of disabled/medically unfit running staff on being appointed against alternative (stationary) posts in revised (7th CPC) pay structure.
Ref: Board’s letter of even no . dated 14.10.2019 & 02.02.2023.

Attention is drawn to Board’s instructions dated 14.10.2019 (RBE 171/2019) wherein inter alia provided that while fixing the pay of a medically decategorised running staff in an alternative stationary post, if the resultant pay (after 30% addition) does not correspond to any cell, in the same pay level, then the pay will be fixed in the next below cell of the same pay level, and difference in pay will be protected as personal pay which will be adjusted in future increment(s ).
During the separate meeting held by EDE(N) with Federation (AIRF) on 24.08.2023 on PNM/AIRF Item No. 26/2021, it has been brought to Board’s notice by AIRF that the provisions contained in the aforesaid instructions are not being complied with by certain
Railways despite the same has been reiterated vide Board’s letter dated 02.02.2023 (RBE 23/2023). and, therefore, it was decided that the same be again reiterated. The instructions issued vide RBE No. 171/2019 are accordingly hereby reiterated for strict compliance.
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( Sanjay Kumar)
Deputy Director Estt.(N)
Railway Board
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