New Catering Policy 2010 – Repatriation of 188 Deemed Deputationist Officials (DDOs) to Railways from IRCTC – RBE 18/2015

Government of India
Ministry of Railways
(Railway Board)

No. E(NG)I-2003ffR/10/Pt Ill
The General Managers (P),
All Indian Railways,
(As per standard list).

R.B.Estt No. 18/2015
New Delhi/dated 12.03.2015

The Managing Director,
16, Parliament Street,
Bank of Baroda Building,
New Delhi.
Sub : New Catering Policy 2010 – Repatriation of 188 Deemed Deputationist Officials (DDOs). to Railways from IRCTC.
Attention is invited to the expression “on deputation terms” used in the second line of para 2 of Board’s letter of even number dated (RBE No. 13/2015). The matter has been reyiewed further and it has been decided that the expres~ion “on deputation terms” may be treated as deleted. ·
2. Please acknowledge receipt.

Deputy Director Estt (N)
Railway Board

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