AIRF Railwaymen – E Magazine June 2015


Dear Comrades,

Dr. Bibek Deb Roy Committee Report is at stage of finalization. We do not hope, there will be much change than interim report. At the most, they can delete the portions in Chapter Five wherein they have talked about Compassionate Ground Appointments and LARSGESS.

Most dangerous is Chapter Two, Which is a roadmap for privatization. We have taken decision to fight it out with all seriousness, and to begin with, AIRF had given a Clarion Call to reach each and every Railwaymen and tell them about the ill effects of the said report during “Mass Mobilization Week” from 23rd June to 30th June, 2015.

Finally, on 30th June, 2015, we have to organize “Black Day” by wearing black badges as well as furling black flags at all the places throughout the Indian Railways. Since this report is also going to affect our users, if we could also involve them in this movement and make it mass movement. Janandolan is only reply to such reports. Government does not want to promote Public Sector, which is why they are not spending on the Railways.

This is very high time, and if we could organize the Youth, nobody could be in position to face the battle and we can win because their entire future is at stake.

Now, this is high time to spread the message throughout the length and breadth of the country that we have to “Save the Railways to Save the Nation”. This will not be an ordinary movement, involvement and contribution of every one will be important.

Hope, all of you will take it seriously, and by the time this editorial will be in your hand, you will be in the field.

With Best Wishes,

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