Comrades, Be prepared for Indefinite Strike on 23rd, November, 2015

Dear Comrades,

Recent report on cast-based census has proved, how much hollow is our system. In spite of so many planning, the government could not improve poverty level. Still people at large are not getting two square-meals. The children use to sleep in hunger. The illiteracy is prevalent in spite of “Servshiksha Abhiyaan”. The malnutrition is continuing. The people in the country are still dying for want of medical aid.

This census has prove that, the policies of the government, particularly Central Governments, may be led by the UPA or NDA, had been pro-capitalist. They have given lot of concessions to the Corporate on the cost of poor and common man of the country, that is the reason, rich has become richer and poor became more poor. The rulling-parties often claim that their governments are for poor and socially deprived people of the country, but the results are invisible.

Comrades! Country’s economy is also passing under great stress. There is altogether recession recent report on cast based census has proved how much hollow is our system. The coal is available in coal blocks, but the users have much stock, particularly power houses are refusing to take coal. The steel, iron-ore, petroleum product, in every field there is a slum. We, being Transport Industry, are the worst sufferer, because there is no lead in the country, our rakes are empty and our rolling stock is idling.

The Bibek Deb Roy Report has been protested in a befitting manner by the AIRF and its affiliates. Throughout the country, the “Campaign Week” from 23-30th June and “Black Day” on 30th June 2015, have been great success. The report is now in the lap of the Railway Board and they are examining the same to the best of their wisdom, but we hope that the Railway Board will take a view objectively. In the meantime, before AIRF launches second phase of agitations, we must continue to educate the employees and Rail-users, what will be their fate if Railways is privatized.

Comrades! Be prepared for Indefinite Strike w.e.f. 23rd  November, 2015 it is now not far away, therefore, hectic preparations must be started, so that, Railwayman could need of the hour.

June 2015 Issue


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