The central Government Employees working in and around Delhi at the call of  NJCA held a massive Rally  on 24.06.2016 before the Parliament house. The Rally was organized to declare the resolve and determination of the Central Government Employees to organise Strike action commencing from 11th July 2016, if the NDA Government does not bring about a satisfactory settlement of the 11 point charter of demands (copy enclosed).

Two of the most significant issues that have triggered the strike action are:

(i)            the inordinate delay in taking decisions on  the 7th CPC recommendations;

(ii)          the refusal of the Government to bring back the old statutory  defied Benefit scheme of pension to all CGEs in the place of Contributory Pension Scheme.

The report of the 7th CPC was submitted on 19.11.2015 after a delay of about 3 months. The Government especially the Finance Minister had assured that the final decision over the report will be taken within 4 months. On 19th June 2016, the delay has crossed seven months.

There had been no meaningful discussions with the NJCA so far. The computation of Minimum wage by the 7th CPC deserves to be rejected as the commission has, in a bid to suppress the entitlement doctored the formula itself. The wages of an MTS in civil service, who is a group C employee cannot be less than Rs 26000 on the basis of the formula evolved in 1957 to which the Government is a party. There can not therefore be any question of reduction in the quantum of minimum wage.

 The NPS, which the Government introduced for those retired after 1.1.2004 in Government service has to be construed as a fraud perpetuated and deserves to be abandoned. There cannot be two classes of civil servants in the country; one making contribution but still not getting any assured pension and the other entitled for a statutory defined pension without any contribution. Those who are covered by the NPS in Central Civil Service is now more than 40% of the total personnel. The Government must be bold enough to address this issue.


It is high time, that the Government comes forward, hold meaningful and fruitful discussion with NJC and settle the 11 point Charter of demands. The continued procrastination is a sure step to confrontation and the Central government employees in the Country will certainly commence the strike  action from 11.7.2016.

The entire civil service, which include the Railways and Postal workers,  employees of Defence factories and establishments and all other services of the Government of India will come to a grinding halt on  11.7.2016.

The rally  which was concluded at 3 PM was addressed by leaders of Railways and Defence Federations and Confederation of CGEs and Workers.

sign convener njca









1. Settle the issues raised by the NJCA on the recommendations of the 7 CPC sent to Cabinet Secretary vide letter dated 10th December 2015.

2. Remove the injustice done in the assignment of pay scales to technical/safety categories etc. in Railways& Defence, different categories in other Central Govt establishments by the 7 CPC.

3. Scrap the PFRDA Act and NPS and grant Pension/family Pension to all CG employees under CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 & Railways Pension Rules, 1993.

i. No privatization/outsourcing/contractorisation of governmental functions.
ii. Treat GDS as Civil Servants and extend proportional benefit on pension and allowances to the GDS.

5. No FDI in Railways & Defence; No corporatization of Defence Production Units and Postal Department.

6. Fill up all vacant posts in the government departments, lift the ban on creation of posts; regularize the casual/contract workers.

7. Remove ceiling on compassionate ground appointments.

8. Extend the benefit of Bonus Act,1965 amendment on enhancement of payment ceiling to the adhoc Bonus/PLB of Central Government employees with effect from the Financial year 2014-15.

9. Ensure Five promotions in the service career of an employee.

10. Do not amend Labour Laws in the name of Labour Reforms which will take away the existing benefits to the workers.

11. Revive JCM functioning at all levels.