RBE No. 120/2016

Government of lndia
Ministry of Railways
(Railway Board)

No.E(LL)/20 16/HPC/7 New Delhi                                   Dt. 13-10-2016
The General Manager(P),
All Zonal Railways,
Metro Railway, Kolkata.
Sub : Recommendations of the High Power Committee to review the duty hours of running staff- Decisions thereof.
The High Power Committee, constituted to review the duty hours of running staff and other safety related categories, had made its
recommendations on various aspects related to working hours of these categories. The recommendations have been duly considered by the Board and in . modification of previous instructions on the subject, the following decisions have been taken:-
i) · In respect of Loco Pilots (Shunting) who are presently working on fixed roster basis, the existing provisions will continue.
ii) In severe operational exigencies like acts of God, earthquakes, accident, floods, agitations, and equipment failure etc., the Controller
should suitably advise the staff that they may be required to work beyond the limits prescribed.
iii) Present classification of running staff under Railway Servants ( Hours of Work & Period of Rest) Rules, 2005, should be maintained.
iv) Subject to exigencies of service, a maximum limit of 125 duty hours per fortnight should be laid down for all Running Staff.
v) The limit of stay away from Head quarters for Running Staff should be fixed at 72 hours.
vi) Continuous night duty for Rucming Staff should be limited to 4 nights with Fourth night towards headquarters.
vii) As regards the duration of outstation rest, there will be no change in  the existing provisions.
viii) Call notice period should CC?ntinue to be a part of the headquarter/outstation rest.
ix) There will be no change in the existing provisions for Periodical Rest. However, preference should be given to Periodical Rest for 4 periods
of 30 consecutive hours.
x) The principle and period of averaging reckoned for the purpose of payment of Overtime Allowance will continue as per existing guidelines.
2. The existing provisions of the Railways Act, 1989 and Railway Servants (Hours of Work & Period of Rest) Rules, 2005, other than those mentioned above, will continue to,be in vogue .
3.This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.
4. Please acknowledge the receipt.

Director Estt.(LL)
Railway Board

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