The General Secretaries,
All Affiliated Unions,
Dear Comrades!
Sub: Observance of “All India Protest Day” on 14th December, 2016
As you are aware that, in the 92nd Annual Conference of AIRF, held at Allahabad from 8-10 November, 2016, it was unanimously decided to observe “All India Protest Day” on 14th December, 2016, in a befitting manner; protesting against “retrograde recommendations of 7th CPC, redressal of anomalies of VII CPC, improvement in Minimum Wage and Fitment Formula, D.A. Formula, restoration of Pension & Family Pension, scrapping of National Pension System(NPS), restoration of various abolished allowances, outsourcing/PPP/FDI etc., non-creation of new posts against new assets and filling-up of large-number of vacancies, “Very Good” benchmark for grant of MACP and reduction in increment after 20 years of service in case of not getting “Very Good” Benchmark and Running Staff
related issues, viz. existing rates of TA be multiplied by 2.25 and revised TA rates, so arrived at, should be taken into account for the purpose of computation of rates of Running Allowance. This should be multiplied by 21 days. 30% Pay Element should be added, and the rate of Running Allowance should only be fixed after that, percentage of
Pay Element of Running Staff, for calculation of various purposes, as existed today, should continue, existing procedure adopted for fixation of pay of Running Staff, on revised pay scale, should continue, procedure adopted for fixation of pay on promotion, absorption in alternative post on medical de-categorization etc. should continue, all the
benefits admissible to Running Staff should continue till they are finally absorbed in the alternative post on medical de-categorization, recommendations of D.P. Tripathi Committee should be implemented, minimum period of Periodical Rest should be raised from 12 hours to 16 hrs. and Running Staff should not be disturbed during the period of Periodical Rest, implementation of the recommendations of the 7th CPC in respect of upgradation of pay scales of certain categories of staff, payment of allowances in favour of Track Maintainers, Controllers, Addl. Allowance in favour of Loco & Traffic Running Staff and its extension to all Loco & Traffic Running Staff, promotion of the staff from Group `C’ to Group `B’, etc. etc.