No.AIRF/159 Dated: December 9, 2016
The Chairman,
Railway Board,
New Delhi
Dear Sir,
Sub: Payment of salary advance in cash – Reg.
As you are aware, due to demonetization by the Government of India, lots of problems are being faced by the Railwaymen in getting their salaries through the Banks and ATMs and the Railwaymen and their families are finding it very difficult to meet their daily needs.
With your kind initiative, last month an amount of Rs.10,000/- was arranged as Advance Payment for the employees, due to which employees have managed to tide over the situation to some extent.
Even today most of the banks are not able to disburse Rs.24,000/- per week as stipulated by the Government of India and the ATMs are also non-functional, therefore, employees are not able to adjust their duties and stand in lengthy queues in front of the Banks/ATMs to withdraw their salaries.
To save the employees from serious financial crisis, your goodself are requested to sanction at least Rs.20,000/- as Salary Advance in cash to all the employees, especially for Running Staff, Trackmen, C&W Staff and Open line staff and to adjust the same in the salary bill of December 2016 to enable the employees to perform their duties as also to take care of their families peacefully.