No.AIRF/MACPS Dated: May 17, 2017
The Chairman,
Railway Board,
New Delhi
Dear Sir,
Sub: Revised benchmarking for financial upgradation under MACPS consequent upon implementation of VII CPC recommendations
Ref.: Railway Board’s letter No.PC-V/2016/MACPS/1 dated 19.12.1016(RBE No.155/2016)
Your kind attention is invited towards our earlier letter of even number dated 30th January, 2017(photocopy enclosed), followed by reminder dated March 17, 2017, on the subject matter, wherein federation had explained that, “Very Good Benchmark”, for granting financial upgradation under MACPS, is not practicable in the Indian Railways. It was also mentioned therein that, since Railway employees are working hard day-in-and-day-night for keeping the wheels of the Indian Railways moving round-the-clock in all seasons and extreme weather conditions; their productivity cannot be undermined and merely this may be treated as their very good performance.

It would be highly appreciated if necessary instructions are issued to all the Zonal Railway and Production Units to continue with the existing benchmarking, prior to implementation…..