No.E(NG)I-2017 /TR/24                                              New Delhi, dated 22 .09.2017

The General Managers

All Zonal Railways & Production Units

(As per standard list).

Sub:- Inter-Railway Mutual Transfer.

In continuation of this office letter of even number dated 15.09.2017( R.B.E. 130/2017), the procedure for Mutual Transfer is further simplified. Hereafter, for Divisionally controlled posts,  applications for Mutual Transfer duly signed by both applicants in proper format, from a Division of one Railway to Division on another Railway need not routed through the HQ offices. It shall be dealt directly only by the Divisions concerned. For HQ controlled posts, the prevailinq procedure shall continue.

  1. Activity and prescribed Timelines:
SN Activity Timeline
(i) Forwarding of Applications by Supervisors to the Personnel Department of the Division :

It should be verified at this stage that the prescribed application

form is complete in all respects duly signed by both employees

and the information given therein is correct.

10 days.


(ii) Forwarding by Divisional Personnel Department :-  
a Division controlled posts :-

Divisional Personnel Department will forward the request

application with necessary documents directly to the Division

concerned to which transfer is sought. The name and designation

of the officer signing the letter should invariably be mentioned in 15 days

the forwarding letter.

15 days
b HQ controlled posts: –

Personnel Department will forward the application with all

necessary documents to Zonal HQ (CPO office).

(iii) Forwarding by Headquarters Personnel Deptt                                ( For HQ controlled posts) :-

On receipt of the application duly forwarded from

Division/Workshop, the HQ Personnel Department office will

forward it to the Zonal Rly/PU concerned

15 days


Note: Mutual Exchange is between two employees of the same grade and cadre.This must be verified by the Personnel Department at every stage of

processing of applications.

(iv) Conveying of Acceptance: – The counterpart HO/Division to

issue their acceptance to forwarding HO/Division (as the case

may be).

10 days
(v) Issue of Transfer Order :- On receipt of consent from the receiving HQ/Division, the transfer orders should be issued. 10 days.


(vi) Relieving/Sparing: – Once the transfer order is issued; employees should be relieved immediately with the senior employee being relieved first. This will be the responsibility of Branch Officer/Head of Department concerned under whom the staff is working (Board’s letters No. ERP/Portal – Transfer/2013 dated 30.04.2014 and No. E{NG)I-2007 /TR/26

dated 04.12.2007 refers).

15 days.
(vii) Dispatch of LPC and Service Records :- Personnel Department

concerned should ensure that the LPC and Service Record of the employee(s) are sent expeditiously to the new Division/Zone etc. in terms of Board’s letter number E(NG)I- 2001/TR/16 dated 21.11.2001. Attested Xerox copy of the Service Record should be given to the employee concerned.

15 days

Note . (i) At the stage of forwarding of applications, files need not be routed through concerned Branch Officer/HOD. The consultation with Branch Officers/HODs concerned in Division/HQ shall be done at the stage of relieving only.

(ii) Necessary modifications to Schedule of Powers (SOP) should be made accordingly.


  1. As the mutual transfers are ordered with the consent of both the employees, it should be made clear right at the time of forwarding applications that no request for backtracking from the mutual exchange arrangement will be entertained under any circumstances (Board’s letter No.E(NG)I-2006/TR/6 dated 21.04.2006 refers).
  1. It may specifically be noted that forwarding of application cannot be done by any level lower than the Divisional Personnel Officer (DPO) or Sr DPO in the Divisions and WPO in the · Workshops. Dy CMMs, WMs, AENs and other such Officers/Units should invariably route the request applications through their corresponding Personnel Officer and should not forward any application to other Division/Unit directly.
  2. All other terms and conditions regulating mutual transfer of Railway employees will continue to remain in force.

Please acknowledge receipt.

Hindi version will follow.


Deputy Director-li/Estt.(NG)I

Railway Board