Dear Comrades!

We will be celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Quit India Movement from 9th August, 2017. Mahatma Gandhi Ji had given clarion call and started a movement that English people should immediate leave this country because of their atrocities on the Indian people.

The Quit India Movement surcharged the Indians with such an enthusiasm that lakhs of citizens, including old and young, women and men students, joined it throughout the country, and it had shook the roots of the British empire that time. Quit India Movement became a strong tool for freedom movement of the country.

In spite of progress and growth in the GDP, improvement in the economy, the country is facing the same dilemma as was in the British Raj. The poor are becoming poorer and the rich are becoming richer. Crores of poor are still deprived of two squire meals a day. Unemployment is still a greatest problem before the countrymen.

The root cause of all the evils, being faced by the countrymen, is bureaucracy which is same as was in the British Raj. In democracy, the parties in power have Changed, but the bureaucracy is same, and that has promoted corruption, casteism, communalism in the country, which in turn has put the countrymen at large in miseries.

To get rid of these social evils we should take a pledge to remove all sorts of these barriers which are creating hatred in the society and barrier in the progress of the common men of our country.

So, Quit India Movement is even relevant today till we could not provide two square meals to every citizen of the country, work to all hands of the countrymen, corruption, casteism and communalism free civilised society to the countrymen where every man and woman can live without fear. It is a time when apart from our personnel and official problems we should get united to fight against social evils set by Mahatma Gandhi Ji seventy five years ago.

With Best Regards

Fraternally yours,

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