Complete overhaul of Railway Board

Dear Comrades!

The Khatauli accident has completely shaken the Railway Ministry and all most complete overhaul has been done. No doubt Khatauli accident has been very bad & sad but the way Railway Ministry went into panic was not desirable.

In one stroke for the first time member engineering Shri A.K.Mittal, General Manager, NR Shri R.K. Kulshrestha, and Divisional Railway Manager Shri R.N. Singh had been send on leave. The Chairman Railway Board Mr. A.K. Mittal who was facilitated by giving him two years extension was forced tender his resignation and he was sent home the same day.

Not only above, the Railway Minister Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu do met Hon’ble Prime Minister and offered his resignation which was put on hold and later had been shifted to commerce Ministry. One SSE, ADEN, Sr.DEN has been suspended and eleven trackmen, one blacksmith and one Junior Engineer has been removed from service under Para 14(ii) without any inquiry which is being protested all over the Indian Railways by constituents of All India Railwaymen’s Federation.Shri Aswani Lohani as was expected has been brought as chairman Railway board from Air India and Shri Piyush Ved Prakash Goyal has been given the charge of Railways as Cabinet Minister.

These actions in eyes of Public may be of some solace but can’t satisfy us because we know the reasons of accidents. I have written a letter to honorable Railway Minister on 24th May that derailments will not be stopped because neither we have proper material nor men. The Indian Railways does not have rails for CTR and TRR and there are all most one lakh eighty thousand vacancies of safety category and more than seventy thousand posts of trackmen are vacant and rest belongs to ALP, ASM Technicians , Points men etc all venerable safety categories but nothing has been done in this regard.

Let’s see what will be the future of Railways under new captains. We hope that they will focus on core issues required for safe running of trains. At the same time our humble appeal to our fellowmen is that under any circumstances, pressure and threat they should not adopt shortcuts to avoid accidents.

With Best Wishes!

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