The Biennial General Council Meeting (BGCM) of NRMU was held at Pune on 19th & 20th  of Dec. 2107. This mega convention  was a grand success in consideration of its splendidness of organization and mass participation of the cadre of NRMU.

Thousands of Union members, activists, visitors and delegates reached to Pune city by different trains special coaches and by travelling in their own private vehicles from every nook & corner of Central Railway including from far-flung areas.

Women Session :

As per the chartered programme, Women session was held in Railway Institute on 19th Dec. 2017. This session was started at about 10-30 hrs wherein about 1000 women members were participated. The session was  a grand success with serious deliberations and discussion held on various issues related with the women workforce. The dias was occupied by chief guests, Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra, GS/AIRF, Com. Rakhaldas Gupta, President /AIRF, Com. J.R. Bhosle, Treasurer, AIRF & General Secretary     WREU and Com. Nishi Kapahi, Chief Women Coordinator/ITF. Com. Kamakshi  Bagalwadikar and com. Jayalakshmi along with other distinguished women office bearers  from different divisions were also present on dias.

While addressing the women session Com. S.G. Mishra have called upon the women fraternity of Railway workforce to come forward and render their maximum support in all endeavours of Trade Union movements which would strengthen the resistance movement spearheaded by Union against injustice towards the Railwaymen in general and women staff in particular. Other speakers including Com. Rakhaldas Gupta  and Com. Nishi Kapahi have urged the women staff to ensure their constructive involvement in all spheres of trade union activities which will enable the  Organized Labour  for the  early redressal of several heart burning issues of the women  staff. A  charter of demands were placed in the house on which the comments of audience were called for  resolved to and place for necessary redressal at Zonal and Board levels.  The impressive women session was well appreciated by the chief guests  and applauded the efforts of Com. Venu P. Nair, General Secretary of the Union who is striving his best to organize the youth and women folks in a massive scale which is the need of the hour to take forward Trade Union movement of the country.

The women session was concluded in  high spirit and in a positive note amidst high pitched sloganeering in favour of the Union, Federation, leadership and for the strengthened unity of women power.


Massive Rally :

Thousands of comrades have gathered enthusiastically  at the originating point of the rally adjacent to the Pune station area  by  noon itself. The grand rally was headed by horse driven chariots,  fleet of four/two wheeler vehicles wherein Com. Venu P. Nair, General Secretary Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra,


GS/AIRF Com. Nishi Kapahi, Com. Mukesh Mathur,GS/NWREU Com. R.N. Yadav, DS/JHS/NCRMU were present and was started at about 16-00 hrs. The mammoth rally was resembled to a red stream floured ahead, marching in discipline  waving  red flags, banners wearing red attires  by the participants.  The trumpets,  musical bands and sky rocketing sloganeering of thousands of cadremen reverberated in the area and the rally moved ahead through city lanes of Pune passing through arterial roads of residential colonies, Railway quarter buildings and culminated after 3 and half hours of journey at the venue of the open session.  Com. Venu P. Nair, General Secretary, had a visit at the Panchsheel Vihar where he reverently offered floral tributes  and prayed infront of the statue of Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar.

Open Session :

The open session was started at about 19-00 hrs. the dias was decorated in grandeur, submerged in red and displayed  gigantic cutouts  of Com. Venu P. Nair, Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra and  Com. Rakhaldas Gupta. Fire crackers were burst on arrival of  chief guests at the venue and they were led to the dias amidst  throat breaking slogan shouting by around five thousand  members packed inside the venue. All the distinguished guests and office bearers of HQ and division were invited to the dias and  welcomed with garlands and a memento/souvenir of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule. After a brief introductory speech by Com. Nitin Pradhan President, Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra, GS/AIRF was invited to address and inaugurate the open session.

While addressing the audience Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra has given his hearty compliments to the mammoth gathering he witnessed earlier in the women session and thereafter in the open session.   He also praised the unparallel and historical rally taken out by the Uion which has exhibited its strength and the undisputed sovereignty of Com. Venu P. Nair, General Secretary. He showered blessings to Com. Venu P. Nair for his dynamic leadership and the successful conduct of this 63rd BGCM of NRMU being held at Pune city. He also complimented and shared his happiness in organizing this event at Pune under the leadership of Com. Kamthan and his team.

Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra have spoken and narrated various matters related with the struggle and the achievements of AIRF and NRMU through which the identity and the dignity of Railwaymen had a transformation. He reminded the workers to think about the contribution of our predecessors who have sacrificed their lives for the betterment of this generation who are in a far better position in terms of their status derived out of better  pay, privilege and comforts and social security. He further elaborated on various achievements which includes the constitution of different pay commissions, struggle for implementation of its recommendations, disbursement of pay and other allowances and redressal of numerous other staff related issues including the issual of employees charter of demands, enhanced revision of GDCE percentage, execution of various provisions to fill up the vacancies against Direct quota, departmental and LDCE quota. He also spoken about the relaxation made in the qualification for compassionate ground appointment exempting the deserving candidates from the additional requirements of ITI or NCTVT courses along with minimum academic criteria. He have spoken on the restrictions being made on appointment through LARGESS Scheme and explained its strong protest of the AIRF against the stand of the Railway board. He have also expressed his resentment against the decision of Railway Ministry to shift Central Railway administrative HQ from CSMT to make  the administrative building to a museum. He  has also warned the Govt. with dire consequences if the policies of complete sale out of Railways are implemented. He also called upon the Ministry and the Board to fill up all vacancies existing in Railways and urged them to look into the issues placed through a charter of demands which includes revision of minimum wage, fitment formula, scrapping of NPS, issues related with the running staff and their allowances and revised cadre restructuring of Track Maintainers of Indian Railways. He also urges the Govt. to look into the issues related with HOER   provisions, working conditions of the staff, upkeep and maintenance of Railway colonies, Railway hospitals and various issues pertaining to the women employees.

While concluding  his speech he exhorted the audience to prepare themselves for an aggressive agitation  which will start from the first of January earmarked to protest against the injustice towards the running staff of Railways. He also spoken about the expected secret ballot to be held for the recognition of the Unions in the Railways which may be pre-poned and may be held  in the last month of  2018. He called upon the staff to be more alert and join every resistance movement formulated by the AIRF and expressed his confidence on the valuable and committed participation of the members of NRMU who are  being led by Com. Venu P. Nair, GS of NRMU

An inspirational song dedicated to the Union, penned and composed by Com. Kiran Patil a disabled member of the Union from Matunga workshop was launched and played on the occasion which was appreciated by standing ovation by each and everyone. A valiant display of sword fight was done by a young female admirer of the Union Ms. V. Kulkarni.

Com. Nishi Kapahi while addressing the audience conveyed  hearty compliments to Com. Venu P. Nair, GS/NRMU which was sent by Br. Stephen Cotton, Com. Abdul Gani, and Com. Sangam Tripathy, the international leaders of ITF.  She stressed upon to organize the contract workers engaged in the Railways to meet the requirement of almost 40% of the activities of the industry. She has urged the women activists to be more pro-active in the trade union programmes and requested them to participate in the education classes held by ITF at various places of the country and abroad.

DRM/PA Shri Deolekar, Com. Mukesh Mathur, Com. R.N. Yadav, Com. Rakhaldas Gupta, Com. J.R. Bhosle have also addressed the audience and inspired them with their valuable and appreciative comments on the successful conduct of the convention  and the strength being shown by the Comrades of NRMU in all Trade Union movements in the past, present and expressed their confidence of continuing the spirit in future too. The open session was concluded in a very high note and with a self pledge of the members to associate with the Union in all its endeavours in the days to come. Com. Nitin Pradhan, President have extended vote of thanks to all members,

distinguished guests and Pune division for this splendid convention being successfully held in the heart of the city.

Delegate Session :

The Delegate session which was proposed to be held on 20th Dec. 2017 have conducted in Jawaharlal Nehru memorial hall from 10-30 hours. All the customary proceedings were fulfilled promptly and precisely and the session moved ahead to the presentation of General Secretary’s Report in the house. Com. Venu P. Nair have given an elaborate speech which took more than 3 hours touching every minute  aspect of the report and exchanging his views, vision and aspirations to carry forward the activities of NRMU. He has given apt  focus on the important aspects of the necessity of commitment, dedication and urged every worker to  associate with the Union. He also stressed upon the need of organizing the youth and women in all spheres and to organize the contract staff engaged in Railways as it is paramount in the present scenario to ensure their active presence in every resistance movement envisioned by the Federation. The delegate session which was started at about 10-30 hrs.  continued till 10-30  in the night which itself is a mile stone in the organizational history of NRMU and established the seriousness of Trade Union functioning of Union. About 36 delegates have spoke upon the report and everybody have appreciated the contents of the report unanimously.

Thereafter a one line statement placed for approval of the  3 resolutions brought out by AIRF was passed with thunderous applause and sloganeering by the attendees. The full auditorium which was packed with about 1000 participants have also approved the 2 draft resolutions prepared by NRMU and which has presented before the house with high pitched sloganeering and applause.  The statement of accounts were also passed unanimously. The new governing body elected to HQ and divisions were also approved by the House.  A revised panel of Working Committee Members were also approved by the house. In the lag end of the delegate session Com. Nitin Pradhan addressed the audience and extended vote of thanks for their participation and successful conduct of the whole BGCM.