The Railway at cross road

Dear Comrades,

The Indian Railways appears to be in a complete dilemma on various issue of functioning as well as ownership.
As a first step, it was planned that entire TRD or OHE organization should be sold in toto.
On objection from AIRF and also from various corners it was said that we may create another PSU like IRCON, RITES & DECIL etc. This has been in their mind that since this will be Government Corporation the criticism can be avoided, but the same was also opposed by AIRF and we had clarified that we will not accept it.
The railway staff, who, at present are Central Government Employees, will never like to become employees, of corporation. The above signals are very dangerous and if Railway Ministry will succeed in one department they will implement it everywhere, so there is an urgent need to be vigilant all the times to safeguard interest of Railway Industry as well as Railwaymen.
Recently, there is another move to demolish specialization and professionalism in Indian Railways, where a proposal has been mooted to merge all the services at HAG level which means PFA & CAO can be a PCME and Electrical Department can be headed by Personnel Department or any PHOD of other Department will it be possible? We are unable to understand why they want to destroy professionalism of Indian Railways.
The Indian Railways is highly technical department where state of art technology is being used. The professionals of all the departments may be Mechanical, Electrical, Signal, Engineering or any other streams are experts of these services and they used to be highly educated technically and academically trained in these respective streams. By virtue of their experience, they use to deliver much more efficiency & productivity. Any tinkering to the system in a haphazard way will destroy Indian Railway. So it is high time to wake and arise the save Railways.

With Best Regards,

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