A Grand Success of  72-hour “RELAY HUNGER STRIKE”

It was unanimously decided in AIRF Working Committee Meeting held on 13th March, 2018, in New Delhi, that if the Government of India does not resolve long pending demands of Railway employees, we will be forced to go for 72-hour “Relay Hunger Strike” from 8th May, 2018 to 10th May, 2018 at all Branch level over Indian Railways.

This Hunger Strike had been very successful and lakhs of Railwaymen joined this peaceful fast in almost all the branches of affiliates of All India Railwaymen’s Federation throughout length and breadth of the Country. In this three day’s protest the youth and women participation has been very encouraging. They joined in masses and assured their presence in future struggle as well.

There is serious discontentment amongst Government employees in general and railway employees in particular against Willy Nelly attitude of government in resolving major problems of the Government employees viz. reviewing New Pension System, increase in Minimum Wage, Amendment in Fitment Formula etc.. AIRF and its affiliates so far has companied for resolving of their demands peacefully.

The 13th March, 2018 a massive “Parliament March” was also a peaceful action in that direction.

Unfortunately, the government has not so far done anything which can satisfy government employees. The committee formed to review NPS has submitted its report six months back but nobody knows what its outcome is? The committee formed to raise minimum wage and fitment formula is also sitting idle without any result and anger of employees is rising every day.

AIRF congratulates all its affiliates for successful 72-hour hunger strike and appeals to be ready for a sustained struggle till we achieve our long pending demands.

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