RBE No. 27/2020


No.E(NG)I/2020/PM 1/2                  New Delhi, dated February 26th, 2020
The General Managers,
All Zonal Railways &
Production Units.
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Sub: Discontinuance of Direct Recruitment to the posts of Senior Section Engineers (SSEs)- clarification reg.
As per extant provisions, SSE posts are fllled up partly by DR (20%) and partly by promotion (80%)
2. Instructions issued vide Board’s letter No.E(NG)II/2018/RR/1-31 dated 25.10.2018 provisionally discontinued direct recruitment in the posts of SSEs, initially for a period of one year, and also provided that all direct recruitment in all technical supervisory categories should be done only in the post of JEs by adding the DR vacancies of SSEs to those of JEs for the purpose of Direct Recruitment till the period of discontinuance of DR in SSE. The provisional discontinuation of DR of SSE has further been extended for a period of one year beyond 24.10.2019 vide Board’s letter No.E(NG)II/2018/RR/1-31 dated 02.09.2019.
3. The transfer of the DR intake for SSEs into the lower grade of JE has resulted in increase in strength of the JE cadre with a corresponding decrease in SSEs. To offset this as well as to protect the promotional interest of JEs, the matter has been examined in consultation with both the staff Federations i.e. AIRF and NFIR. It has been decided that henceforth the 20% DR quota of SSE may be transferred to the Promotional Quota (from JE to SSE) until the prohibition of DR intake into SSE continues. In other words, SSE posts may now be fllled up 100% through promotion from JE as long as the DR intake into SSE is kept on hold. Adequate cushion may however be factored in for accommodating any pending inter Railway transfer requests or any compassionate appointment cases in SSE that may have been approved.

Jt. Director/Estt.(N)
Railway Board

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