D.O.No.AIRF/56 Dated: December 16, 2020

Dear Shri V.K. Yadav Ji,

Sub: Comprehensive Transfer Policy – Minimum Service requirement for Inter-Railway/Division Transfer in case of Compassionate Ground Appointees

Ref.: Railway Board’s letter No.E(Rep.)I-2006/Transfer/Misc./1 dated 25.08.2008 and letter No.E(NG)I-
2015/TR/20 dated 24.11.2020

Your kind attention is invited towards the subject cited above and also Railway Board’s letter supra dated 25.08.2008, vide which, after detailed deliberations, on the hardships faced by the families and after the sad demise of the Railway Employees considering due compassion, it was decided that, Minimum Service condition will not be applied in case of Request Transfers of Compassionate Ground Appointees.

Railway Board vide their letter ibid dated 24.11.2020 have advised us that, only Widows, appointed on Compassionate Ground, and Physically Handicapped Railway Employees, seeking one-way Request Transfer, are exempted from the condition of minimum 05 years service, without giving due consideration to the miseries and complex problems faced by the survivors and dependents of the deceased employees, be it education or security of the children, especially Girl Child and looking after the land and households in case of Compassionate Appointees.

We earnestly hope that, Compassionate Ground Appointees in general will also be exempted from the condition of Minimum Service in case of Request Transfers, being a sensitive issue, as both of us are equally responsible and have to take care of the survivors and dependents of the Railwaymen.

We sincerely hope for favourable orders from your goodself.

With Kind Regards,

Shri V.K. Yadav,
Railway Board,
New Delhi
√Copy to: D.G.(H.R.), Railway Board – for necessary action please.
√Copy to: GSs, All Affiliated Unions – for information.