RAILWAYMEN BIDS FAREWELL TO COM. RAKHAL DADA WITH MOIST EYES IN GUWAHATI. COM. SHIVA GOPAL MISHRA reached Guwahati to give final respects. Com. Shiva Gopal Mishra said that India has lost true son of the soil and great trade union leader. He said that Com. Rakhal Da remained always at the forefront in struggles for Working class in general and railwaymen in particular.

Born at village Satgram in Dacca District on 30th December, 1932 to father Sh. Gopal Das Gupta and mother Bagala Bala Das. Com. Rakhal Das suffered many ailments in his childhood but he braved those and didn’t allow ailments to overpower him.

He studied upto class-IV in Satgram Uchha Primary School. The head pandit of the school was Md. Jalil Miah. He was very strict academician. From him Com. Rakhal Das Gupta learned many lessons of life and rose to the lead the world’s largest Federation of workers.

Com. Rakhal Das Gupta worked day and night for Railway staff as President of All India Railway Men’s Federation. Com. Rakhal Das Gupta took his last breathe on 21.12.2020. He left the void in trade union movement which would be difficult to fill.

Lal Salaam to Com. Rakhal Das Gupta!