No.AIRF/MPP(111)                                                                                                  Dated: May 25, 2022

The Chairman & C.E.O.,

Railway Board,

New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: Surrender of posts

Ref.: (i) AIRF’s letter of even number dated 05.04.2022

        (ii) Director(MPP), Railway Board’s letter No.E(MPP)2021/1/4 dated 20.05.2022

The issue of surrender of posts had been discussed by the undersigned with your goodself in detail, and we have also written a letter, referred to above at S.No.(i), wherein we have made it clear that, no surrender of posts should be done without consulting Recognised Unions on the Railway Zones.

Letter dated 20.05.2022 of the Director(MPP), Railway Board, addressed to the General Managers of the Indian Railways, referred to above at S.No.(ii), wherein it has been asked to the GMs of all the Zonal Railways and Production Units to surrender 50% existing vacant posts of non-safety categories on the Zonal Railways and Production Units without any rhyme or reason and without any consultation with the organised labour, is quite against Railway Board’s instructions as well as your assurance.

It is worthwhile to mention here that, each post has been created on the Railways by giving all sort of justification, and we do not feel that, on the Indian Railways any post can be of non-safety.

Here it is also pertinent to mention that, I have explained to you also that, as Railway Board have agreed for upgrading 30% posts in GP Rs.1800 as well as for doing Cadre Restructuring Exercise, seeking financial neutrality, further surrender of posts will be required.

If these posts are surrendered arbitrarily, wherefrom required posts will be found out for Matching Saving to make Cadre Restructuring Exercise financially neutral?

It is worth-mentioning here that, Railways have been known for the past so many years for its best industrial relations, but I am sure that, if such letters and pressurization from the Railway Board are not stopped, then it will become very difficult to maintain industrial relations over the Indian Railways.

In view of the foregoing, we sincerely hope that, you will kindly ask MPP Directorate, Railway Board, to immediately withdraw their letter supra dated 20.05.2022 to avoid agitations all over the Indian Railways.

This may kindly be treated as “Most Urgent”.

      Yours faithfully,

(Shiva Gopal Mishra)

   General Secretary

√Copy to: PED(Staff), Railway Board – For necessary action.

√Copy to: PED(HR), Railway Board – For necessary action.

√Copy to: PED(IR), Railway Board – For necessary action.

√Copy to: GSs, All Affiliated Unions – For information.