Railwaymen E-magazine AIRF March 2016 Issue

Nothing for Employees in Rail and General Budget

Dear comrade,

                Employees get nothing in Railway and General Budget. Railwaymen were expecting a lot from the rail and general budget. The memorandum submitted to Hon’ble Minister for Railways and Railway Board as well as to Finance Minister has gone in vain.

Though Railway Minister has appreciated by saying that he has dedicated workforce of railwaymen but except these words there is nothing for motivation for railwaymen. I do complain about it to Hon’ble MR in person.

mishra jiSo for announcement of bonanzas to users may be a welcome step but how railway will be able to implement it, from where money will come that is not clear in the budget. The railway budget has also endorsed many recommendations of Dr. Vivek Debroy Committee and included them in the budget which will lead to privatization of Indian Railways.

From general budget salaried class in the country had been felt very much astonished because they could not get desired tax relief, on the other hand they slapped tax on PF which raised lot of agitation throughout the country, forced Govt. to roll back there proposal for taxing PF.

The general budget also does not give much budgetary support to Indian railways in comparison to other infrasture department like Highway, Ports etc.

It seems that both the budgets are focused to special segments and does not support to poor and common men of this country. The sops given to formers, poor, BPL will reach to them seem to be impossible.

Friends though we have postponed and re-scheduled our strike date from 11th April to 11th July due to elections in five states we have to be in fighting mode and should be in full preparedness if Govt. does not come to a negotiated settlement.

With lot’s of good wishes and very prosperous colour festival Holi to you and all your family members and friends.

With Best Wishes,



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