Sub: Brief of the meeting held today with the Board(CRB & MS) reg. measures to improve safety on the IR

A meeting between both the Recognized Federations and the Railway Board(CRB & MS) held today at 16:30 hrs. in the chamber of the CRB, which continued up to 18:45 hrs.
From AIRF, President and General Secretary, Com. Rakhal Das Gupta and Com. Shiva Gopal Mishra, submitted a detailed justification, demanding calling back Railway Board’s letter dated 30.01.2017, which debars Supervisory Staff(Grade Pay of Rs.4200 and above) working in Safety Categories to become office-bearers of the unions, registering strong protest against these unilateral and arbitrary orders of the Railway Board.

On behalf of Railway Board, Shri A.K. Mittal, Chairman, Shri Pradeep Kumar, Member Staff, Shri Anand Mathur, Director General(Pers.) and Shri Alok Kumar, EDE(IR), Railway Board, were present in the meeting.

While summing up discussion, the CRB stated that, Railway Board has no intention to interfere or weaken the recognized unions. He also requested the both the federations to contain and try to reduce the number of office bearers working as Supervisors in Safety Categories.

The CRB entrusted the D.G.(Pers.) to settle the matter amicably in consultation with both the federations.
We urged upon him that, Railway Board’s orders dated 30.01.2017 may be called back to boost the morale of the Railwaymen.

Brief of meeting held on 27.04.2017 with CRB & MS on Safety Measures