A Confrontation seems imminent

Dear Comrades!

Almost eighteen months have passed from 1st January 2016, the date of implementation of the 7th CPC, and twelve months will be over on 29th June, 2017 when the Cabinet has given approval for implementation of the 7th CPC, but up-till now, the demand of the Central Government Employees for Allowances, increase in the Minimum Wage, Fitment Formula, reversal of New Pension System (NPS) is as it is.

Forty two lakh Central Government Employees are under great anguish and they are agitating against the inordinate delay in resolving the demands of the Central Government Employees.

We feel and hope that the Central Government should be an ideal employer which should pay to its employees fair wage, should have limited working hours with nice working and living conditions, but it has been found that the Central Government Employees in general and the Railwaymen in particular are the worst suffering lot. They are even deprived of their Calendar Rest and are forced to work beyond the duty hours. Many a times Railwaymen had to lay their life while running and maintaining the Railway Services.

In these circumstances if the government further delays settlement of the demands of the Central Government Employees, a confrontation will definitely be imminent, which can be avoided by accepting genuine demands of the Central Government Employees.

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