Record Note of Discussions held by AM(Comml.) with Federation (AIRF) on 13.07.2018 on the following PNM/AIRF Items:-

(i) No. 10/20008 – Manning of UTS and PRS Terminals by Commercial Staff – Reg.

(ii) No. 16/2012 – Creation of additional posts of Ticket Checking Staff for manning new trains and additional coaches.


(iii) No. 33/2012 – Creation of additional posts of ticket checking staff, TTE and filling up of existing vacancies in ticket checking cadre.

(iv) No. 22/2016 – Withdrawal of Railway Board’s instruction reg. Ticket Checking Squad – stipulating five-year period and 2-years cooling off peroid.

Dear Sir,

The undersigned is directed to put up the Record Note of the Discussion of the above meeting on official website of this Ministry i.e.

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(Naveen Kumar)
Dy. Director, Estt(LR)