No. 2024/LMB-Il/1/l New Delhi, dated 29.05.2024
Principal Chief Engineers
All Zonal Railways
Sub: Launching of RBMS (Railways Building Maintenance System) App
At present on most of the Zonal/Production units, complaints are being lodged at SSE/JE (Works) office in-charge of the colony through railway phone or physically during the office hours only. SSE/JE (Works) accordingly distributes the artisan staff for attending the complaints either departmental or engaged through an outsourcing agency. The complaints are allotted in daily diary
with details of complaint and handed over to the worker concerned for getting the needed materials issued from the Service Centre Store and attending to the complaint. After attending the complaint, artisan staff takes signature of the resident and inform the SSE/JE (Works). There is no proper feedback system in present system.

A mobile app namely “Railways Building Maintenance System” (RBMS) bas been developed for lodging complaints of maintenance of residential quarters. This app will facilitate registering type of complaints, choosing preferred date of attendance, monitoring of attending complaint and finally giving feedback on attending complaints. This app is available on Google play store.
All Zonal Railways are advised to use this app for management of staff quarter maintenance/complaint system. Further, all the occupant of quarters should be made aware of this app functionality and be encouraged to use this app for lodging their complaint. Going forward, manual recording of complaints of residential quarters should be avoided by Zonal Railways. All complaints of residential quarters be attended by concerned officials though this app only.

(Surendra Kumar)
Director/Land and Amenities
Railway Board