The D.G.(H.R.),
Railway Board,
New Delhi
Dear Sir,
9 4, State Entry Road, New Delhi-110055 (INDIA)
Dated: June 24, 2024
Sub: Demand to resolve various teething issues in HRMS which affects the employees at field Ref.: File No.PC-Vll/2024/HRMS/13 dated 18-06-2024 & AMC(HR)RB
Vide above cited letter of the Railway Board, the PCPOs of the Zonal Railways have been directed to follow various measures, as stipulated in para 2, to streamline implementation of HRMS.
Despite all such Instructions, Employees continue to suffer, especially for availing normal leave and LHAP after resuming from Sick.

  • Availability of leave shown under “My Leave Balance” in HRMS is not updated properly as there is no provision for auto deduction of leave for non-qualifying period and the OS/Supervisors concern can only manually calculate the same and uploaded. Due to this; the employees suffer on account of improper Leave Management as they do not know the actual
    number of leave days available in their credit.
  • Due to absence of non-provision of Edit Module, the employees cannot reduce or modify the kind of leave indicated in their application, and often Leave Application gets summarily rejected by the Supervisors or Leave Sanctioning Authority, if they are not in a position to sanction full quantum of Applied Leave.
  • In the absence of connectivity between HRMS and HMIS, the employees are forced to enter Sick Leave by uploading Sick/Fit Certificate manually, for doing the same the employee is forced to visit his office in person, and even after that, the employee is forced to apply for treating Sick Period as LHAP/Commuted Leave, which has to be sanctioned by the Controlling
  • When Medical Authorities issue Sick/Fit Certificate through HMIS, such Manual Uploading/Seeking Sanction from immediate Supervisor is unwarranted.
  • The Supervisors who forward Leave Application to higher authorities for sanction do not get the details of Leave Sanction Status, as the authority concern, communicates sanction only in HRMS to the employee only and the Supervisors are kept in dark, which results in unnecessary quarrel.
  • In the absence of Designated Officer by name, for sanction of leave, the employees are forced to apply leave and send it to the concern Supervisor, whose names are shown in the pop-up, and if inadvertently uploaded by mistake to another Supervisor, results in rejection of Leave Application,
  • In such cases, there should be provision for other Supervisor to forward the Application to the concern Supervisor so that, Leave Applications are not rejected.
  • Whenever, the employees are transferred from one unit to other, the concerned Leave Sanctioning Authority has to be intimated, and employee name has to be assigned under particular Supervisors. But in practice, it is not being properly followed and the employees are denied leave in time.
  • The difficulties experienced by the employees in general and particularly working in Open line,were raised by our affiliate Southern Railway Mazdoor Union in their GM/PNM under Sub.
    No.7(f)/2021 & 10(8)/2017, wherein it was highlighted that, in the present HRMS there is no provision to Sanction Leave for lesser number of days than Applied Leave, and due to non sanctioning of leave in time and communicated to employees, they are not in a position to plan their journey to their home town, and demanded action for resolving the issue. For this
    purpose; the PCPO/SR/MAS stated that, this issue would be taken up with the Railway Board for permanent solution, and till such time DRMs will be advised to handle such issues manually.
    In view of the foregoing, it is requested that, till such time all the above-mentioned issues in the HRMS are resolved, the employees and Supervisors/Officials should be allowed to use manual pattern which was in vogue before introduction of the HRMS.