No.AIRF/12                                                                                Dated: May 29, 2015
The Member Electrical,
Railway Board,
New Delhi
Kind Attn.: Shri Naveen Tandon
Dear Sir,
Sub: Outsourcing of Suburban EMU Rakes to Siemens Company for maintenance
n anticipation of induction of advanced technology in the Railways, Railway Administration had begun to recruit technically qualified employees in the Railways, giving them preferential pay scales since long back. This has resulted in availability of large number of well qualified, technical workmen in all the Workshops, Car Sheds, Diesel, Elect. Sheds etc., but to our utter disappointment and dismay, it is noticed that, Railway Administration is not inclined to use this large number of technically qualified workmen and other infrastructure facilities available in the Railways for maintaining our rolling stock and prefer to outsource maintenance of our rolling stock to private companies, which is nothing but wastage of Railway’s revenues and resources. The point in question is that, MRVC for Railways purchased EMU Rakes from the Siemens Company in the year 2008 without any transfer of technology and also without any agreement on material supply. These rakes were purchased by Western Railway, and after expiry of warranty period, these rakes were transferred to Central Railway, where it became due for normal maintenance and replacement of various parts. Under the given circumstances, Central Railway is left with no option but to outsource maintenance of these rakes to Siemens Company for a period of 02 years who enjoy the monopoly of technical layout of these rakes against forceful demands from the Car Shed employees and the union. Similarly, contactors hitherto provided in Diesel Locos are replaced by Micro Processor and the monopoly of this technology is retained by one private company called Megha Company and the AMC of these Micro Processors and AMC of these Micro Processors are outsourced to the said company in spite of the fact that our Diesel Sheds do have large number of technically qualified workmen.
This has created serious heart burning among Car Shed and Diesel Shed employees in particular as they genuinely feel that Railway Administration is purposely not utilizing large resources available for maintenance of rolling stock within the Railway Administration for vested interest by allowing private companies to retain technical monopoly while purchasing new rakes (EMU) and upgrading existing technology in the Diesel Locos and other sectors. Any further extension of maintenance contract of these rakes (EMU) to Siemens Company is not acceptable to this federation; therefore, AIRF opposes it with all seriousness.


Copy to: Member Mechanical, Railway Board, New Delhi – for necessary action please. Copy to: General Secretary, National Railway Mazdoor Union – for information.

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