Government of India
Ministry of Railways
(Railway Board)

RBA 4312015

No. 2006/AC-II/20/10                                                                                         Dated:- 03.07.2015
The FA&CAOs/General Managers,
(All Zonal Railw.ays & Production Units)

Sub:- Passing of Appendix-2 IREM examination by staff of Cash & Pay department-granting  additional chance  to appear in Appendix-2 IREM examination
Ref:- Board ‘s letter of even no. dated 20/6/2006 (RBA 45/2006)

At present Jr. Cashiers/Pay Scale Rs.4000-6000 (.VI CPC PB-1/GP Rs. 2400/-), Shroffs and Sr. Shroffs/Pay ScaleRs. 3050-4590 (VI CPC P8.~1/GP Rs.1900/-) and Rs. 4000-6000 (VI CPC/PB-1/GP Rs. 2400/-) respectively are allowed maximum 3 (three) chances to appear in Appendix 2 (IREM) examination in terms of Board’s letter referred to above.
In this regard requests have been received from a few Raiiways to increase the number of chances by .the staff of Cash & Pay department to pass Appendix-2 IREM examination on account of ongoing emphasis on reduction of cash handling. The.· matter has been examined in consultation with Establishment Dte and Board has now decided that·in partial modification to Board’s letter referred to above, the present ceiling of 3 (three) chances available to Cashiers/Shroffs, be increased to 10 chances. Other terms & conditions as stipulated in Board’s letter dated 20/6/06 in this regard will remain unchanged.

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