No.AIRF/413                                                                                                       Dated: July 27, 2023

The D.G.(H.R.),

Railway Board,

New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: Recruitment of the Sportspersons on the Zonal Railways/Production Units against Sports Quota in Pay Level-1  

Ref.: (i) Railway Board’s letters No.2020/E(Sports)/4(1)/14/Gr. D dated 04.01.2023 and 08.02.2023 

       (ii) AIRF’s PNM Item No.38/2023

Revised norms for recruitment against Sports Quota in Pay Level-1 were issued by the Railway Board vide letter supra dated 04.01.2023.

Para 4.1(iv) has been amended and the clause of “at least 8th position in Senior National Championship only” has been added, which is a restrictive clause and many deserving Sportspersons are unable to apply for recruitment in Level-1.

AIRF is of the considered opinion that this restriction may be removed and all the Sportspersons who have represented a state or equivalent unit, except in Marathon and Cross Country, in Senior/Youth/ Junior National Championships, should be replaced as it was existing earlier.

The above modification will enable the Sportspersons to apply, and after selection good Sportspersons will be recruited, thus reducing chances of the Sports Quota Vacancies being left vacant.

Board are, therefore, requested to consider and issue necessary instructions revising para 4.1(iv) as mentioned above.


√Copy to: P.E.D.(I.R.), Railway Board – For necessary action please.

√Copy to: GSs, All Affiliated Unions – For information.