RBE No. 32/2024


No. E(NG)I/2024/PM7/l(E-3454474)
The General Manager (P},
All Zonal Railways and PUs et c,
(As per standard list).

New Delhi, dated 08.04.2024

Sub : Filling up of vacancies of ALP through 50% departmental quota.
Ref: CR’s letter No. CR-HQOPERS(POPT)/52/ 2022/170072 dated 16.01 .2024.
One of the Zonal Railway had sought dispensation for filling up the posts of ALP, by allowing the diversion of Promotional Quota of ALP vacancies to be filled f rom staff of other technical department who has the requisite qualification.

  1. The matter hos been examined in Board and the following directions are being issued:
    I. Zonal Railways are advised to direct the divisions to expedite filling up of promotion quota vacancies.
    ii. In t he event of shortfall in filling the PQ vacancies of ALP, one-time exempt ion is granted to divisions for filling up the shortfall in PQ vacancies by calling for applications from employees who fulfill the requisite criteria laid down under GDCE including educational qualification and subsequent medical f it ness.
    iii. One-time dispensation is given to divisions which do not have feeding cadre for t he post of ALP to get their promotion quota vacancies filled up in the manner given in ‘ii’ above.
    with t he same conditions applicable for GDCE.
    This disposes off CR’s letter No. CR-HQOPERS (POPT)/52/2022/170072 dated 16.01.2024.

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