NO. E(P&A)II/2012/F.E.2/4 Dated: 02.04.2019

The General Manager, All lndian Railways/PUs, NF(Con), CORE
The DG/RDSO/Lucknow, DG/NAlR/Vadodara
Sub: Admissibility of House Rent Allowance (HRA) in the event of non-acceptance or surrender of railway residential accommodation.
Ref: (1)Department of Expenditures, MoF’s OM no. 2/5/2017-E.IIB dated 05.03.2019
(2)Railway Board’s letter No. E(P&A)II-87/HRA-15, da ted 16.05.1988
(3)Railway Boar·d’s letter· No. E(P&A)II-95/HRA-3, dated 14.02.1996
(4)Railway Boar·d’s letter No. E(P&A)II-99/HRA-2, dated 12.07.1999 & 16.03.2000
(5)Railway Boar·d’s letter No. E(P&A)II-2002/HRA-4, dated 16.10.2002 & 09.05.2003
(6)Railway Boar·d’s letter No. E(P&A)II-2010/HRA-2, dated 08.12.2010
(7)Railway Board’s letter· No. E(P&A)II-2017/HRA-3, dated 15.01.2018
With reference to Depa11ment of Expend iture, Ministry of Finance’s Office Memorandum at ( I) & other Rai I way Board’s references above, Board (MS, FC & CRB) have approved the following:-

I. For other than those Railway employees (officers and staff) for whom accommodation is specially earmarked and whose occupation of railway quarter is essential for easy accessibility during emergencies, efficient discharge of their duties, etc., the condition of Applying for Govermment Accommodation and furnishing of ‘No Accommodation
Certificate’ by Employees to become eligible for HRA may be dispensed with and Department of Expenditure, MoF’s letter under reference may be made applicable Mutatis Mutandis for such categories of Railway employees.

2. The Railway accommodation so vacated may be allotted to other employees of the same pool or other pool or Essential category employees by changing the pool, if required, by the Zonal Railway. The Quarter-allotment Authority shall promptly take necessary action in this regard.
3. Other extant instructions/guidelines issued from Board on the subject shall remain unchanged or as modified from time to time.
Department of Expenditure, MoF’s letter under ref. ( I) above is enclosed for ready reference. This issues with the concurrence of Associate Finance of Transformation Cell of Railway Board.
Kindly acknowledge the receipt and ensure compliance.
NO. E(P&A)II/2012/F.E.2/4
I. PFAs, All Indian Railways & Production Units
2. The ADAl (Railways), New Delhi
3. The Director of Audit, All Indian Railways
Copy: As per list attached.

(Umesh Balonda)
Executive Director/S&T
Transformation Cell
Dated: 02.04.2019

Executive Director/Accounts
Transformation Cell

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