RBE No.149/2023

No. E(P&A)Il/2022/RS-2-Part(I) New Delhi dt. 29.12.2023
The General Manager/CAOs,
All Indian Railways & Production Units
Sub: Fixation of pay of Running staff on promotion to the ‘General Posts clarifications – reg,
Ref: Railway Board’s letter dated 20.02.2023 (RBE No, 34/2023).

Please refer Board’s letter cited above whereby it was advised that In absence of specific orders from the Board to this effect, the benefit of reckoning of 30% pay element for the purpose of fixation of pay of running staff on their promotion/appointment to the posts filled through General Selection is not admissible. Further, the General Selection is voluntary In nature and the concerned staff is aware of the mode of fixation of pay on promotion/appointment to a post under General Selection. Hence in such cases, pay fixation has to be effected without taking into account the ‘pay element’.

  1. Subsequent to issue of the aforesaid letter dated 20.02.2023 (RBE No. 34/2023), references had been received from Zonal Railways seeking clarifications about action taken In past cases as the date of implementation of the said letter is silent.
  2. Toe matter has been examined In Board’s office and It has been decided by the Board that Board’s letter dated 20.02.2023 (RBE No. 34/2023) is to be implemented with prospective effect i.e. from the date of issue of the letter and past cases decided
    otherwise, need not be reopened.
  3. This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.
  4. Hindi version is enclosed.
    (Gaurav Puri)
    Joint Director, E{P&A)
    Railway Board