RBE No. 119/2022

रेलवे बोर्ड/ RAILWAY BOARD

No. E(G) 2021 RN 2-2

New  Delhi, dated   29.09.2022

The General Manager/Director General
All Indian Railways/PUs/RDSO, Lucknow
(As per Standard Mailing list)

Sub: Retention of railway accommodation at previous place of posting by Railway officers – Relaxations and conditions governing retention – reg.

Attention is invited to para-3 of Railway Board’s letter of even number dated 01.7.2022 prescribing special license fee for retention of railway accommodation at the previous place of posting in certain cases. It is clarified that the aforesaid provisions of special license fee are not applicable to retention of railway accommodation at previous place of posting in the categories of cases mentioned in the table below:-

S.No.Purpose for which retention permittedRailway Board instructions
1.On Transfer account (Normal) including on account of education of the ward on transferE(G)2000 QR 1-23 dated 24.11.2020
2.On account of serious illnessE(G) 99 QR 1-16 dated 16.3.2004 and 1.9.2005
3.On  account  of  retirement   (Non  earmarked  railway accommodation)E(G) 2000 QR 1-23 dated 24.11.2020
4.On account of deputation to other Ministries / departments under Central Staffing SystemE(G) 2008 QR 1-16 dated 12.7.2018

2. In the cases mentioned above, license fee will continue to be levied as per the provisions of the Railway Board’s instructions mentioned against the respective items in the Table above.

3. However, in cases covered by Railway Board’s letter E(G) 2020 RN 3-6 dated 24.5.2022, the special license fee will be applicable for retention of railway accommodation at previous place of posting in line with item No.(vi) of Board’s letter of even number dated 01.7.2022. For the period of retention of railway accommodation by the officer after his retirement, the license fee, however, will continue to levied as per provisions contained in para-2 of above mentioned letter of 24.5.2022.

4. The above issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate, Railway Board.

5. Please acknowledge receipt.

(This disposes of W.Rly.’s letters No.E(G)57/12/15 dated  8.7.22 & 16.8.22, Central Rly.’s letter No.P.107/GO/QR//Retn.Policy dated 8.8.2022, N.Rly.’s letter 103-G/13/Retn./Policy/Part-VII dated 29.7.22, S.W.Rly.’s letter No. G.214/Qrs. Retn. of Qtrs. dated 24.8.22).

(Harish Chander)
Director Establishment(G)
Railway Board.